A Ruby on Rails Playbook

Learn proven patterns and techniques as demonstrated on four production apps.

Spend less time on tech and more time building a great customer experience.

Pre-orders ended on April 13th! Look for the official release April 27th!

270 Page eBook

We'll cover simple design patterns and techniques for features such as implementing Stripe, how to architect a multi-tenant SaaS app, supporting U.S. Sales Tax & V.A.T., building complex UI's, working with Turbolinks, and so much more


Rails Companion App

This isn't your run-of-the-mill sample app; it's a fully functional Rails application that you can use to put your project on the fast track to completion!

Book Outline


  • Who am I?


  • Market Research
  • Establishing a Product/Market Fit
  • What’s minimally useable?
  • Story Driven Development
  • Napkin Scoping
  • Beware of Technical Overhead


  • Why Ruby on Rails?
  • Hosting
  • Organizing Your App
  • Service Objects
  • Concerns
  • Working with Webhooks
  • Asynchronous Tasks
  • Emails
  • Architecting Multi-tenanted Rails Apps
  • Dealing with Large Files
  • Identifying and Mitigating DDoS Attacks
  • Working with Turbolinks
  • Complex UI's - Simplified
  • Extending Data Capabilities


  • Basic Architecture
  • Stripe Overview
  • Checkout Flow
  • Working with Braintree
  • Sales Tax & V.A.T.
  • Physical Card Payments


  • Basic Architecture
  • Lifecyle
  • Controlling Access
  • Multiple Plans & Quantities
  • Cancellation Funnels
  • Teams


  • Forums
  • Gamification
  • Notifications
  • Real Time Chat
  • Followers and @mentions
  • Dealing with SPAM
  • GDPR Compliancy


  • Migrating Data 
  • Importing
  • Exporting 
  • Internal vs External Reports
  • Managing UTM Campaigns


  • How this was made

Build Rails apps like a pro.

Stop over-complicating web dev and ship your idea faster.

👋 Hey, I'm Nick!

I'm a software engineer, business owner, rock climber, husband, father, and we travel full time in an RV roaming the U.S. I built CG Cookie, Blendermarket, SportKeeper, and Mavenseed (this site is on Mavenseed!), just to name a few.